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Summer Seminar Information

Tuesday, July 28 & Thursday, July 30, 2020
Virtual Webinar
1:00 - 2:30pm

The South Carolina Festival & Event Association hosts a virtual seminar for event planners from across the Palmetto State and southeast each summer!  Offering focused education on varying industry topics and providing networking incentives are just a few of the key offerings at this annual event.

Attendees benefit from:

  • knowledgeable speakers & presenters
  • current industry topics of interest
  • sharing & gaining new ideas
  • networking with peers
This year's seminar is designed to assist festival and event planners navigating the changes 2020 has brought to our industry.  Participants will learn from the experts at Saffire, Kaliff Insurance, German Group, and WFEA.  We'll answer your questions about insurance, safety, branding and sponsorship, so you have the tools necessary survive evolving trends.

Seminar Agenda

Tuesday, July 28  View this Webinar

1:00 - 1:45 pm        Eric German, The German Group
                                  Festival & Event Safety Best Practices During COVID-19
                                   Months of social distancing mandates and cleanliness messaging will no-doubt have a profound long-term impact on
                                    consumers. Without question, your customers in a pandemic environment will be looking for more than
                                    entertainment as they venture back to festivals across America. This summer and beyond, the goal for festivals and
                                    fairs is "good clean fun," and the following best practices provide the foundation for effective operations.

                                    Working with the Greater Ohio Showmen’s Association and individual carnivals currently operating, Eric
                                    German has helped outline best practices to keep employees and patrons safe at outdoor events. The
                                    protocols are derived from CDC guidelines. There is no magic formula. Fairs and festivals that have opened so
                                    far have experienced a welcome return by the community. Eric is the Managing Partner for the Ohio based
                                  German Group.

1:45 - 2:30 pm        David Olivares, Kaliff Insurance
                                  The Changing Landscape of Insurance
Our daily lives have changed and so has our industry. Join in learning what has changed in the event insurance
                                  world and how we can best navigate through these unknown times by adequately protecting your event, all
                                  while creating a safer environment for  your patrons.

                                  As Vice-President of Sales and Marketing for the San Antonio based Kaliff Insurance, David's expertise is
                                  in fairs, festivals and outdoor music venues. He currently serves on the board of the Texas Festivals &
                                  Events Association and is a regular presenter for the International Festivals & Events Association.  

Thursday, July 30      View this Webinar

1:00 - 1:45 pm       Bruce Skinner, Washington Festivals & Events Association
                                 What's Happening in the World of Sponsorships
Bruce is a highly regarded consultant to the special events industry. Bruce served as Executive Director of
                                 the Fiesta Bowl for a decade and is widely regarded as the "Bowl director of the 80's" and also served as
                                 Chief Revenue Officer for the 2016 College Football National Championship Game.  Bruce formerly
                                 served as President of the International Festivals & Events Association and has published The Complete
                                 Guide to Selling Event Sponsorship
. His wealth of experience and current position as Executive Director of
                                 WFEA make Bruce an industry icon.

1:45 - 2:30 pm       Cassie Dispenza, Saffire
                                 Build a Brand Worth Billions
Have you ever noticed how some brands are just more fun to follow? They “get you” with every ad and say the
                                  right things at just the right time, almost better than your last boyfriend. Their brand personality makes you
                                  almost hope they’re your NEXT boyfriend! So how do you make YOUR brand personality speak to your
                                  customers that way? Like any fine wine, it’s not something that matures overnight, but in this session we’ll cover
                                  the ins and outs of embracing the best your brand can be, even in these challenging times. We’ll cover some
                                  strategies you can use now and some to keep in your back pocket once we’re past the current climate.

                                Cassie is the Senior Director of Marketing & Partnerships at Saffire, a website and ticketing management  
                                 firm. She has extensive experience with online marketing and event planning and has planned strategic
                                 events with numerous companies and organizations including the US Olympic Committee. She partners
                                 annually with hundreds of unique events, venues, and destinations across the country.


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