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SC Accommodations Tax Grants
Know how the SC Hospitality Tax can help fund initatives for your next festival or event!

Is your non-profit event receiving all the funding support available? If you are not taking advantage of the ATAX grants in your county or municipality, you may be missing out on guaranteed funds. Accommodations Tax Grant (ATAX) funds are received by SC counties or municipalities from the 2% lodging tax levied by the State of South Carolina. Grant funds awarded across SC are designed specifically for tourism related activities and events. Accommodations tax funds must be used to attract and provide for tourists, and must be spent on tourism-related expenditures.

Non-profit organizations that support and increase tourism through the promotion of the arts and cultural events and/or through the operation of facilities for artistic and cultural activities are eligible to apply for assistance. Application and deadline requirements vary by county or municipality. Festival and event planners are encouraged to reach out to their local tourism offices for details. Applicants may also find useful information from the following:

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