We're still growing...

The South Carolina Festival & Event Association offers many membership services.  While some of the more commonly used services are listed below, the SCFEA is here to provided needed services for members to make their events successful.  If you have an event related need, please call us!

Commonly used services include:

Annual Membership Fees

Festivals & Events w/ budgets $50,000 or less - $125
Festivals & Events w/ budgets over $50,000 - $150
Associate Members (for profit suppliers, vendors, entertainers, crafters, etc) - $150
Additional Event Listing (for organizations producing two or more events) - $50
Student Member (must show proof of being a full-time student) - $25
Educators, Industry & Tourism Agencies (for organizations joining who will not list an event) - $100
  • Membership Directory (members only) 

Membership Information

Every year our network gets a little bigger and our association becomes a bit more diverse. This, for us, is the ultimate pay off. It shows that our programs and services are impacting the industry in the Palmetto State and allows our members and other industry organizations to see and know how vital special event are to our communities.