Upcoming Education & Networking

"I have been involved with this Association for more than 15 years.  I started my event career not knowing a thing.  Thank goodness I had these resources at my disposal."
- Kathy

Established in 1984, SC Festival & Event Association was an effort of tourism and event leaders to promote the development and success of local and regional events.  What started with a handful of board members and network of dedicated event professions has become a working board of 16, representing the 12 tourism districts of South Carolina and our Associate members, and more than 175 annual events across the state. 

Our Mission

The SCFEA is dedicated to assisting planners with the development and quality of festivals throughout the state, assisting in all manners possible and enhance the growing South Carolina tourism industry.

Our Vision

It is the ongoing endeavor of SCFEA and its Board to assist festivals and events in their efforts to develope and promote appreciation for the visual and performing arts and to attract in-state and out-of-state visitors to local communities.

About Us